Monday, June 04, 2007

Spain: Costa Blanca

We dug a huge hole and (mostly) buried ourselves in it. I still have sand in my suit as a souvenir.

Isabel, me, Natalie, fun!

Natalie, Isabel and Kristin on the beach

The beach: 4 minutes away walking = rough life

I swear this was Kristin's idea not mine!

Classic not to be missed not to be repeated more than once a week chocolate con churros. Spaniards are definitely onto something with this one.

Running in Villajoyosa on the beach with Natalie

View from the house terrace

Isabel with paella

I went to Spain for the week in between finals and I spent three nights and 4 days with the Jamerson girls in the house they're renting from a British writer for the summer. It was beautiful and they were incredible hosts!

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