Tuesday, June 05, 2007

San Sebastían

Eating breakfast in Paz's mom (age 90)'s kitchen in Madrid. I don't have a picture of her unfortunately, but she was very sweet and fed me lots when I showed up, almost a complete stranger, at her door at 11 pm.

Iñigo picked me up at the bus station in Madrid

Out for late night pintxos in La Parte Vieja

Gros and the surfer beach

Looking out over the harbor and the Playa de la Concha and el Centro - where we lived

Paz, me, Enrique and some classic Donostia weather

The wind combs

The paseo de la Concha

Enrique & Paz paseoing along the beach

The bakery, Labeak, where we used to go everyday. I had hot, fresh romanos from here, just like old times!

The building, #3 - it's much uglier than I remember...

Calle Elcano, in front of building three where the fam lived in Spring 2002

No trip to Spain is complete without the hanging ham legs photo

The second part of my trip: I took the hour train ride back to Alicante, took the 4 hour train from there to Madrid, waited an hour, and took the 11 pm night train 8 hours to San Sebastian. There, Paz picked me up at 7 am, gave me a quick tour of the city in the rain and took me home and fed me (fresh coffee and fresh bread over lots of talk). That day I got another whirlwind tour from Enrique and Monica, and we had a great huge lunch and siesta, and then more paseo later that day. They were incredible hosts as well, a great family, were very patient with my Spanish and fed me very well!

San Sebastian is even more beautiful than I remember, especially compared to many of the places that I've seen since then, and I definitely want to go back since one night and two most-days wasn't really enough.

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